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I was talking about the environment long before it was trendy. And long before any councillors started making it a cause célèbre.
   In 2003, I concluded an agreement with the United Nations Environment Programme to make Lucire its first fashion industry partner. The theory, I said, was that environmentalism lacked appeal, but that it was possible to leverage, say, eco-fashion with mainstream brands. We could use the fashion and celebrity sectors to promote the green movement.
   It’s hard to believe, but this was ground-breaking at the time. I did a bunch of interviews with UN Radio. You’d think I was a celeb.
   We worked to create the first Carbon Neutral fashion magazine here, at a time when people were asking me, ‘What’s Carbon Neutral?’ (I had the same experience when I started publishing on the internet: ‘Why would anyone want to read a magazine on the internet?’)
   Since then, I worked with Summer Rayne Oakes, the author of Style, Naturally, as she was crafting her plans to promote environmentalism in her work.
   We teamed up and published the first sustainable style editorials in an international fashion magazine in the mid-1990s.
   Again, before this was mainstream.
   I’ve already gone on record to say I support solar and tidal energy.
   I’ve already gone on record to say I will do a carless day on one Sunday in the central city during the summer, and roll it out during the 2011 World Cup. We can study what happens with traffic flows during these periods.
   And I’m working on several deals for Wellington which will go ahead regardless of whether I win or not.
   These are still pretty sensitive, but I will say that flying about Europe and being multilingual helps bring these projects to life.
   They’ll be Kiwi ventures, but we’ll get the best of the world to collaborate with Wellingtonians.
   I’ll write more as they the ‘confidential’ tag goes off them. For now, you can follow me on my blog as I’ll hint at what I can.

Style, Naturally by Summer Rayne Oakes
My good friend Summer Rayne Oakes, with whom I collaborated on the world’s first international sustainable style editorials. By surrounding myself with forward-thinkers, I’ve made a career out of being a step ahead of the mainstream. A mayor, too, cannot afford to be reactive.

Public transport
Public transport lacks coordination. How about geo-tagging trains and buses so we can find out where they are? And have such great coordination between trains and buses so they work seamlessly for those who use them? They can be achieved cheaply—though it will take, additionally, the appointment of a council rep who oversees their coordination. We’ve got enough people in the current council team for us to find that right person.

Alternative energies
I’ve been keen on solar energy for years but the cost of solar cells and implementation is too high. Let’s examine the feasibility of Council leading the way with making our own buildings energy-sufficient. I’ve been investigating cost-effective sources of solar cells with some of the brightest minds in the business—and if we can do it, then why not make this technology within reach of any Wellingtonian who wants it?



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Jack’s to-do list
More networking. Some of these projects are still in their infancy, and none of my firms benefit from them. They are all for the good of Wellington, full stop.

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