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Creating jobs for Wellingtonians
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What my opponents have conveniently ignored is that our jobless rate in Wellington has gone up 1½ per cent over the last year.
   They think, I suspect, that it’s up to John Key and central government.
   I respectfully disagree.
   The best way to create jobs is to see the areas where we have some sort of leadership.
   Most Wellingtonians would probably agree that we are the most creative, tech-savvy and artistic city in the nation. That means we can build on these areas and create more industry clusters.
   Sir Peter Jackson is a great reminder of how one person can, with drive, passion and belief, build those clusters.
   In his case, it was film. And we already have the infrastructure thanks in part to Miramar and the airport.
   That tech infrastructure is the 21st-century equivalent of construction and roading.
   I’ve been talking to Kiwi start-ups that are ready to generate decent profits, and we need to convince them that Wellington should be their home.
   Let’s get the free wifi up and running and tell these innovative minds all over the world that Wellington is open for business.
   Let’s stress that we have a world-class infrastructure here for them.
   Let’s promote those businesses that are already here—like the ones who presented at Global Entrepreneurship Week 2009. I was the only mayoral candidate there—because I reckon these folks represent the future of this city’s economy. Sidhe, Weta and others are merely the tip of the iceberg.

It’s up to us
We can’t leave job creation to central government exclusively. This has to come from the most innovative thinkers in New Zealand: Wellingtonians. Of Welly, by Welly, for Welly.

Law and order
All mayoral candidates say they are tough on law and order, but without getting to the root cause of lawlessness, it’s all talk.
   I believe the root cause is tied to economics. If we create new, exciting ventures that make money in this city, then we’ll employ more people. And if these ventures are relevant to our youth, it gives them something to shoot for.
   Sure there are other causes when it comes to crime, but let’s at least deal with the ones we can reach immediately.

Sister cities
California might not be that strong economically, but there’s still plenty of activity for new ventures. Hence, let’s reconnect the “most Wellington” of American cities with us by re-establishing the long-lost sister-city relationship with San Francisco.
   To that end, I’ve already contacted Mayor Newsom, and let’s see what we can do next with a city that shares so many similarities with us.



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Jack’s to-do list
Network, network, network. I’ve been in the high-tech sector for most of my working life and have connections to names that can bring capital to our innovative Wellington enterprises. As your mayor, it’ll be time to call in some favours from around the world to help my fellow Wellingtonians.

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